Brimit Is Awarded for Contribution to IT Education

Great news, everyone! Brimit has been recognized for Contribution to IT Education Development with special awards. It is the second award of this kind, when our effort and input into social and educational projects are being remarked. The projects we support are aimed to promote programming and engineering among school kids and students and help them to make the initial steps in Computer Science learning.

Smaller children are encouraged to learn how to code computer programs from early ages with a visual programming language called Scratch. The language is free and available to everyone. Students learn to think creatively and systematically with the support of professional teachers and engineers. Kids participate in competitions to consolidate their success, improve their skills and encourage themselves in further learning.

High school students have the opportunity to take part in Belarus Science and Engineering Fair 2016. This is an exhibition of scientific projects combined with competition in Math and Physics, Robotics and Engineering.

Likewise, we help startups and small companies to develop solutions in areas where they lack specific skills and knowledge. We offer our expertise for short term and small projects, integrations or web application development. Contact us with your case to find out how we can help you!