The Nineth Sitecore User Group in Belarus Meetup: Headless Development with Sitecore JSS and Helix Presentation

9th meetup of Sitecore User Group in Minsk occurred and of March at usual place and we’d like to share our impressions about it.

Meetup started with presentation by Artsem Prashkovich and Igor Pavlyuk from Brimit. Artsem, Sitecore MVP and Lead Sitecore Developer, talked about the new approach in headless development of Sitecore-connected Web Applications using JavaScript Sitecore Services (JSS). Igor, Lead Front-End developer showed an in-depth presentation with examples of Javascript tricks and solutions.

Sitecore meetup artsem

Second presenter was our guest speaker from Denmark and Sitecore MVP Anders Laub. Anders Laub was talking about Sitecore Helix principles, why it’s important to use them and how we, as Sitecore community, can define standards that will make our future development and support easier.

sitecore meetup Andres Laub

Last but not the least, third presenter was Roman Sheima, doing Sales and Marketing at Brimit. Roman held a short presentation about Customer Experience Maturity Model for developers. Although this topic is usually spoken for marketers, it’s vital for Sitecore developers to know the goals of the platform they are working with and thus understand their customers better. Therefore, we’ve decided to spread some knowledge across user group attendees and provide some insights of what marketers expect from Sitecore and how current project may evolve with customer’s maturity.

Sitecore Meetup Roman

Over almost 2 years our User Group has grown up to over 200 members and we’re glad we see new faces every meeting. We welcome new speakers and guests. Want to become a speaker? Contact me at slack or see you at SUGCON in person!