A Recap of the Second Meetup of Sitecore User Group in Belarus

Sitecore community is growing fast in Minsk and November 1st we had second meetup with almost twice as much participants, comparing to the first one. Brimit initiative of User group organization was warmly supported by our colleagues from EPAM, who joined as co-organizers.

Speakers of the second meetup had very interesting and practical topics to present.

First speaker was Artsiom Dylevich, Senior Sitecore Solution Architect. Artsiom is a former Brimit developer, now relocated and working at Sitecore Partner Kuehlhaus, Germany. He was speaking on "Sitecore Analytics, Email Experience Manager and App Center".

This presentation was delivered in a form of a case study of live site and was very interesting for developers. With this project description they could see practical usage of their regular work and how Sitecore performs after months of data collection.

meetup speaker Artsiom

Second presentation was held by Dzmitry Radziukevich - Software Engineering Team Leader at EPAM (Belarus). He was talking about "eCommerce for Sitecore" and showcased quite complex examples of commerce connector usage with various ecommerce systems.

meetup speaker Dzmitry

Third speaker was David Mead - MVP/Head of Sitecore competency at EPAM(USA). He is expert in Sitecore, Content Management Systems, web application architecture, systems integrations, ASP.NET, and software development. David talked about "Sitecore Symposium 2016", highlighted most interesting topics from the Symposium and described spirit of partnership and networking that was present in New Orleans. You can check record of his presentation below and find more details in addition to our top list of takeaways from the Sitecore Symposium 2016.

meetup speacker David

The meetup recording is available on Youtube:

Note: first two presentations are in Russian and last one is in English.

We’ve already announced the 3rd meetup of Sitecore User Group in Belarus that will occur November 25th. We will have very interesting guest and great topics to cover. Check out the list of speakers and don’t forget to register for the event. Community is growing big!

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